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Time Keeping

Track your hours using Pomodoro Timer

Get to know how many hours/minutes you spent on a certain task and how many sessions you took to complete the task without burning up.


Rank worldwide per hours

You will get a ranking position according to the number of hours you have spent in a certain week or month


Visual time breakdown, customizable reports, share and export your reports as PDF, CSV.

After working on certain tasks, your reports will be ready where you will get to see how you spent time on your tasks. Your reports will also be customizable and you can share them with friends or even download them in PDF/CSV format.

Customizable Settings

Customize Setting to your personal use.

Get in control and customize each ScholarSwap pomodoro feature to you personal preference for your maximum productivity.

What makes ScholarSwap Pomodoro different?

  • Progressive web app that you can install and use it in your phone.
  • Responsive design that will work very well in your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Audio notification at the end of the timer period.
  • Customizable timer to suit what you like.
  • Works both offline and online
  • Storage of your tasks and recent progress
  • Personal Report and Ranking to show you how productive you've been and how you rank worldwide with other users.
  • Simple and Clean User Interface
  • Customizable Themes to suit your workspace and mood.

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