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About ScholarSwap Pomodoro

Scholarswap Pomodoro is a simple to implement online Pomodoro timer which is easily customizable and works on both desktops and mobile browser.

Perspective and Idea

The aim of this app is to help you get stuff done by helping you complete your tasks if you're a student, a writer, developer, designers and other people who turn out to have regular packages of creative work.
This app is inspired by the Pomodoro Technique which is a popular time management that can help you remain hyper focused by powering through distractions and getting things done in short busts of time while taking frequent breaks to help you get fresh air and relax. With time this app can even help you improve your attention span and concentration.

About ScholarSwap

ScholarSwap Pomodoro is part of the ScholarSwap family.
ScholarSwap is a reference site for college and university students on expert created college level education content.

ScholarSwap has invested in tools and features to help students manage their time well and improve their productivity. Some of these tools include:-

  • ScholarSwap - This app helps students get through college by providing reference material, college advice and anything related with student life.

  • ScholarSwap Pomodoro - Pomodoro helps you study in short busts of time improving your productivity without burning up.

  • TimeIt - TimeIt helps students to track their work hours across their classes, assignments and school projects for free.